Mozilla Aims to Streamline Mobile App Creation

MozillaEarlier this year, Mozilla announced plans to create a web-based OS that would help developers create mobile apps that function across multiple operating systems. The company plans to begin testing this quarter and have more advanced functionality completed next year. Check out the details on TechWorld:

Mozilla developers to test Boot to Gecko mobile OS

Mozilla developers hope to start testing phones running its new mobile operating system this quarter, with product demos slated for the first quarter next year and production set for before June 2012, according to a road map on the project’s website.

Mozilla announced the project, called Boot to Gecko (B2G), in July, describing it as an operating system for mobile devices that would run applications primarily on the web.

Developers hope B2G will help solve a problem that has long plagued the mobile industry: Developers must rewrite apps for each operating system. The goal of B2G is to create a framework that would let applications run from the web on any operating system, provided the OS supports B2G’s technology.

By the end of this year, the developers hope to have basic functions built and integrated including the accelerometer, camera, messaging, telephony and power management, according to the road map recently posted on the site.

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